Mumbai local train Mumbai local trains, part of the public transport of Mumbai carries more than 7 million commuters on a daily basis. It is spread over 464 route kilometers. It is divided into 3 zones – Western railway, Central railway and Harbour railway.

The Mumbai suburban railway has one of the highest passenger densities of any public transport system in the world. The Virar locals are famous for being over crowded, and people travelling short distances always try and avoid them. Here, you can find all the local train time tables – western railway train timetable, central railway train timetable and harbour railway train timetable.

Western Line

Central Line

Harbour Line

Churchgate to Virar CST to Thane CST to Andheri
Churchgate to Borivali CST to Kalyan CST to Bandra
Churchgate to Andheri CST to Ambernath Bandra to CST
Churchgate to Bandra CST to Badlapur Andheri to CST
Churchgate to Malad CST to Kasara Panvel to Andheri
Churchgate to Goregaon CST to Thane Andheri to Panvel
Churchgate to Bhayandar Thane to CST CST to Vashi
Virar to Churchgate Kalyan to CST CST to Belapur
Virar to Borivali Ambernath to CST CST to Panvel
Virar to Andheri Badlapur to CST Panvel to CST
Virar to Bandra Kasara to CST Vashi to CST
Virar to Dadar CST to Karjat Wadala to Panvel
Borivali to Churchgate Dadar to Thane Between Vashi and Panvel
Andheri to Churchgate CST to Kurla Belapur to CST
Bandra to Churchgate CST to Titwala Thane to Vashi
Goregaon to Churchgate Karjat to CST Vashi to Thane
Malad to Churchgate Dombivali to CST Panvel / Diva to Vasai
Bhayandar to Churchgate Kurla to CST Vasai to Diva Jn. / Panvel
Dadar to Virar Titwala to CST
Bandra to Virar Thane to Dadar
Andheri to Virar
Borivali to Virar
Churchgate to Vasai
Mahalaxmi to Borivali
Andheri to Borivali
Dadar to Borivali
Bandra to Borivali
Andheri to Vasai
Vasai to Churchgate
Vasai to Andheri

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