Badlapur is on the central line, and is famous for a lot of dyeing mills like Shobavat dyeing house in the area. A lot of people drive down to Badlapur to go to the dyeing houses, but for those who prefer the public transport, there are many trains that start from Badlapur and go right upto CST, so you dont have to enter packed trains and can easily get a place to sit.

Below is the time table of trains that originate from badlapur and go upto CST.

Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F
06:58 F 08:12 F 10:03 S 10:40 S 10:56 S
11:18 S 11:47 S 12:14 S 12:27 S 13:31 F
15:22 F 15:48 S 16:36 F 17:54 F 18:12 F
19:24 S 20:01 S 20:25 S 20:50 S 21:08 S
21:40 S 23:45 S


S – Slow Train

F – Fast Train