Its a known fact that if its not a Borivali train, it has to be a Virar train. But there are many trains that dont run right upto Virar and terminate at Bhayandar station. You can see a list of stations on the western line here.

Below is the time table for trains that run from Churchgate to Bhayandar.

Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F
05:03 F 08:35 F 09:47 F 10:35 F 10:54 S
12:16 F 13:55 F 15:02 F 15:30 F 15:50 F
16:19 F 18:08 F 18:33 F 18:51 F 23:05 S


S – Slow Train

F – Fast Train