landline mobile There are different ways to reach a landline number in Mumbai and a mobile number in Mumbai. If you want to reach a mobile number, you can directly dial the 10 digit number and your call will be complete. If you wish to call a landline number (which is 8 digits in Mumbai) you need to dial the STD code of Mumbai (which is 022) followed by the 8 digit landline number.

How to differentiate between a landline number and mobile number?

All landline numbers are 8 digits long, unless they are prefixed with 022, or 22, which is the STD code of Mumbai. So if you have a number 22xxxxxxxx, that is a landline that you have. Mobile numbers don’t need to be prefixed with the city code.

If the number you have is a 10 digit number and starts with a 9, you have a mobile number with you.

In the year 2008, the Government had decided that it will prefix a 9 to all mobile numbers, so all mobile numbers would be 11 digits long, with the ever growing number of mobile connections in Mumbai. Though, that is yet to happen.

You can look here for the Mumbai MTNL directory, if you wish to find a Mumbai phone number.

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