If you’re new to the Mumbai local trains, you might be surprised when you visit Kurla station on the Central line. During peak  hours, there is maddening rush, because this is one station that links the Central line to Harbour line.

If you’re travelling from Vashi to Borivali, you will need to change 3 trains, first take a harbour line train and go from Vashi to Kurla. Then change at Kurla and take a Central line train upto Dadar central. Then you need to change platforms and come to the western side and take the train from dadar to borivali station.

Alternatively, you can also take the harbour line from Vashi and reach Wadala, then change platforms and reach Bandra station. From bandra, you can take a western line train upto Borivali.

The below time table lists out trains that run from Kurla to CST.

Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F
04:09 S 04:24 S 04:45 S 05:16 S 05:29 S
05:43 S 06:07 S 06:17 S 07:12 S 07:37 S
09:22 S 10:10 S 10:34 S 15:27 S 16:09 S
16:36 S 16:58 S 17:28 S 17:45 S 18:26 S
18:34 S 18:51 S 19:24 S


S – Slow train

Here is a list of trains that run from CST to Kurla