boats-chotta-kashmir Chota Kashmir is tucked away inside the expansive parklands of the Aarey Milk Colony Goregaon East. You’ll find a small lake with row boats and paddle boats, attractive gardens and colorful flowers, lotus pond, and plenty of places to relax and enjoy some tea. The garden is lush green with colourful, blossoming flowers and tall, dense trees. One gets to see different types of birds here, therefore making it a good place for avid bird watchers to enjoy the rare view of exotic birds.
The lake at ‘Chota Kashmir’ is the only place in Mumbai where one can enjoy the pleasure of fun boating activities. One can enjoy boating over here in row boats and paddle boats of different sizes, to suit your requirements.It is chargable.

Chota Kashmir is famous for being the location for the shooting of a lot of Hindi movies and songs. You are sure to catch a glimpse of the lake or the garden in a popular Bollywood number. This place is the perfect picnic spot for the entire family to come and spend a day in.

There’s another popular garden a short distance away, aptly named the “Picnic Spot”, which is also an enjoyable place to relax.

Where is Chota Kashmir?

Goregaon East, 32 kilometers (20 miles) north west of the city center. Closest railway Station is Goregaon Staion on the western line. You can catch a bus, auto or taxi ride to Chota Kashmir.