Essel world If you’re visiting Mumbai for the first time, most people would recommend you to visit Essel World and Water Kingdom, Mumbai. It is India’s largest amusement park, situated in Gorai, Mumbai. It attracts 10,000 visitors daily.

Essel World has rides, an ice skating ring, bowling alley and a discotheque, whereas Water Kingdom, as the name suggests is a place for water babies – its full of water rides, an ideally place to beat mumbai’s heat.

Both the parks are open 365 days and it is advisable that you visit any one park on any given day. They are so huge that visiting both the parks on the same day wont do justice to the place.

Essel World  timing:

Weekdays: 11am to 7pm

Weekends: 10am to 7pm

Note: Essel World is open 365 days a year, which means no matter what day it is – Essel World and Water Kingdom are always open and you can always go and have fun.

What are the entry rates for Essel World and Water Kingdom, Mumbai

The entry fee does not depend on the age but depends on the height of the individual. This is divided into 2 categories: Child And Adult. Child – Height between 3’3″ and 4’6″ and Adults over 4’6″. Children below 3’3″ should always be accompanied with an adult.

  • Weekdays (Mon to Fri) – Rs 390 for Children and Rs 590 for Adults
  • Weekends and Public Holidays – Rs 490 for Children and Rs 690 for Adults
  • Happy Hours (if you enter after 4:30pm) – Rs 290 for Children and Adults

If you’re looking for a double ticket, which means you can visit Essel World and Water Kingdom on the same day, you could buy a Combined Ticket which costs as follows:

  • Weekdays (Mon to Fri) – Rs 590 for Children and Rs 790 for Adults
  • Weekends and Public Holidays – Rs 690 for Children and Rs 890 for Adults

*Entry fees Updated – 1st September ‘ 2012

How to reach Essel World?

By Car – You can drive down to Essel World / Water Kingdom in your car. You can take the Western Express highway. You need to turn left to Kashimira and drive down to MIRA-BHAYANDER road. They have signages that will guide you to reach the park. It will take around 45-60 minutes from Kashimira. Be Careful, there is a new flyover that is built at Kashimira, so if you miss to take the left turn, you will be directed towards Vasai.

By Train or Bus – You can take the Western Railway train and get off at either Malad station or Borivali station. From Malad (W) you can take Bus No. 272 to reach marve beach. From Borivali (W) you can take Bus No. 294 to reach Gorai creek. From Marve Beach/ Gorai Creek, EsselWorld’s own ferries are available to take you across to the park.

What are the Star attractions of Essel World?

The rides at Essel World are divided into:

  • Family Rides – Those rides that you can take and enjoy with your full family.
  • Children Rides – Those rides that are meant only for children.
  • Adult Rides – Those rides which have a height restriction and only adults are allowed to enjoy them.
The family rides are the most famous rides at Essel world, because everyone wants to have a nice memorable time with their family and these are the rides that they can enjoy together.  Some of the family rides at Essel World are:
  • Tilt – A – Whirl
  • Highway Cars
  • Aqua Dive
  • Zipper Dripper
  • Hedge Maze
  • Mirror Maze
  • Monsters in the Mist
  • Prabal – The killer
  • Monster
  • Robot
  • Crazy Cups
  • Aero Swinger
Some of the Adult rides at Essel world are:
  • Zyclone
  • Slippery Sultan
  • Super Telecombat
  • Rock N Roll
  • Enterprise
  • Thunder
  • Rainbow
  • Hoola Loop
  • Sr. Dodgem
  • Slam Bob
Some of the Children Rides at Essel world are:
  • Yard Train
  • Play Port
  • Mini Telecombat
  • Jr. Go Kart
  • Convoy track
  • Childrens boat ride
  • Big Apple
  • Caterpillar
  • Happy Sky
  • Rio Grande Train
  • Jr. Carousel
  • Jr. Dodgem
  • Jr. Waltzer
Click here to download Essel World Park Map

What are the Star Attractions of Water Kingdom?

Water Kingdom is divided into different zones:

  • The Lagoon – The Lagoon is Indias largest Aqua Pool. It is spread across 30000 sq feet. Its 10 different (3 kiddie slides, 4 family slides, 3 adult/thrill slides) elements will definitely get you drenched with fun and if you want more then it has a 500 liters Elephant bucket which splashes the water on you when full. It also has Water sprinklers, Water curtains, Rotating water wheels, Water umbrellas, Spinning water tray, Water fall for your fun.
  • Missphisly Hill – This area includes exciting water slides for kids and adults. They are curvy, straight, nerve-wracking, breathtaking water rides to name some are Turbo Terminator, Lemon Drops, Juicy Jammer , Black Demon , Gang-A- Fall etc. All the rides offer a safe and relaxing place for the kids to play to their hearts content.
  • Adventure Amazonia – What-a-coaster ride offers one of the tallest vertical drops in the country. Drifting River is like a lazy river where you can relax after all the rides.
  • Wetlantic – This area is the most crowded area and most often used by everyone. It has the largest artificial wave pool in the world.
  • Brat Zone – This is where the Disco is. Get ready for some Rain dance.

Click here to view Water Kingdom park map

Weekdays (Mon to Fri) – Rs 290 for Children and Rs 490 for Adults