kalamb-beach If you’re looking to relax on a beach but don’t have the time or resources to get out of Bombay, Kalamb beach is the tonic indeed. The ride to the beach is pretty long but the idyllic shadows and shady environs will leave you feeling you’re in the hinterland. The beach itself has its share of youngsters playing cricket and locals strolling up and down. If you’re planning on staying the night, better look up a resort but leaving after gazing at sun down with the waves lapping your heels is totally worth it. The high point is the water which is remarkably clean by Bombay standards and swimming after sunset induces a surreal feeling.

The wine shop on the beach provides solace (he takes his cut though) but it’s advisable to stock up at the station. Once you’ve soaked up the beach, lay back with a vada pav and chai to complete your day. It isn’t a family place unless you’re in a large group so please take care of you’re lady folk .

Below are the addresses of two nearby resorts:

Matoshree Resort
Address: Kalamb Beach Stop Kalamb-Rajodi Bus,Nallasopara(West)
Phone: 2470839

Daryavardi Resort
Address: Kalamb Market,S.T.Last Stop Kalam-Rajodi,Nallasopara(West)
Phone: 2470427

How to reach Kalamb Beach?

Get down at Nalasopara station (western line) and take a rickshaw (around Rs100 for as many that fit in a rick) to kalamb or ST buses are available for Rs 7.