Aksa beach in Madh Island Madh Island Beach situated on the  Northwest coast of Mumbai has a peculiar rural backdrop and to the forefront of it are bungalows owned by the elite crowd residing in Mumbai. Regarding geography, Madh Island would have been a peninsula, if a small creek hemmed in mangroves had not separated it with the mainland near Aksa. Madh Island Beach is popular for the kind of rave parties that are thrown when youngsters from upper strata of the city converge and shake a leg amidst peppy music. Many movies as well as TV serials are also filmed here.Madh Island’s proximity to the sea and its secluded nature has resulted in several hotels being set up there.

The best thing about Madh Island Beach is the number of clean sandy beaches where you can revel in utmost peace and calm. However, the beaches are not exactly picturesque, strong and wild Sea current make the beach treacherous and susceptible to the changing of its area and hence it is advisable not to venture out into the Sea i.e swim or go boating.
The very scenic Erangal village is one of the prominent villages in Madh Island. The villagers of Erangal are mostly traditional farmers who cultivate the adjoining farmlands. Today, Erangal is margined with several holiday cottages and bungalows too.
Another attraction on Madh Island Beach is the Madh Fort also called Versova fort. It is believed that this fort was built by the Portuguese as a watchtower and later used as a training camp for cadets. You could come over here for a fresh bout of breeze and fort’s picturesque locale that is sure to enthrall you.
The Church of St. Bonaventure, a Portuguese church that dates back to the 16th century, is another site to visit on the island. To put succinctly, Madh Island Beach is a place that is close to nature and makes a perfect hangout for solitude lovers.

Retreat hotel in madh IslandHow to Reach Madh Island Beach?

The nearest railway station to  Madh Island is Malad (western line). From the station you can catch an auto or a taxi to reach Madh Island.

What is famous at Madh Island?

2 five star hotels that are very famous are ‘The retreat’ and ‘The resort’. Many couples go there for coffee and to spend some good quality alone time.