It takes about 30 mins from Churchgate to Bandra in a slow train and approx 21 mins in a fast train. Western Railway has a couple of trains dedicated from Churchgate to Bandra, so commuters residing in the Queen of suburbs, do not need to take a packed Borivali or Virar train and can opt for a Bandra local which is always relatively empty.

Here is a list of trains running from Churchgate to Bandra

Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F Time S / F
06:40 S 07:51 S 08:41 S 09:07 S 09:28 S
09:52 S 10:20 S 15:48 S 17:06 S 17:42 S
17:51 S 18:22 S 18:41 S 20:08 S 20:46 S
21:14 S 21:26 S 00:54 S


S – Slow Train