parsi-dairy-farm-mumbai Parsi Dairy Farm has been a famous Mumbai landmark for over 90 years. Parsi Diary Farm is one such destination wherein you can find wide choice of milk as well as milk products ranging from butter, curd to paneer.

The Indian sweets and snacks shop also provides ample variety of delicious and scrumptious sweets which are made of milk. Pick up a tub of cheese or rich butter as you choose from a mouthwatering platter of kulfis (thickened milk preparations), barfis(candy) and sweets to sate your palate. Thick lassis (sweet, diluted yogurt), sweet curds and Badam milk( sweetened milk with crushed almonds and spices) will make you want to come back for more.

Where is Parsi Dairy farm and how to reach?

Parsi Dairy farm is Located at Marine Lines on princess street, Mumbai. You can get off at Marine lines station (western line) and walk on Princess street. You will see the huge blue board on the right side of the road.