bhuleshwar temple Mumbai Bhuleshwar temple is one of the famous old temple in Mumbai. Bhuleshwar (derived from bholeshwar meaning- the pure one, very innocent) is built on a black stone with an ornamental octagonal dome. It was built in 1708 by a wealthy and generous devotee from Prabhu community named Dadaji Laxajirao. This temple was redone in 1830.
The temple is covered with brass plate and has a red flag adorned with representations of the sun and the moon. The lingam at Bhuleshwar is said to have miraculously risen to its present position. The inner shrine also has Parvati maa and Ganesha’s idol.
The temple has a spacious expanse and shows prominent signs of Gujarati style of architecture in its design and construction. The temple also has a spacious conference hall where the devotees assemble for worship and darshan.

How to reach Bhuleshwar temple?

Get off at Marine lines station (western line) and take a taxi towards the temple. There are many buses that ply from the station towards the temple.