Mumbai-girls India is famous for the beautiful women – after all we have Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Dia Mirza becoming the Miss Universe, Miss world and Miss Asia pacific. Mumbai girls are well aware of career, sex, responsibilities, parenting, friendship & dating. Its the 21st century and the modern Mumbai girl is not shy and is very forth coming.

Today, you find most Mumbai girls prefer working and being independent, even post marriage. Both husband and wives are working and saving and enjoying life. Gone are the days when local trains used to be crowded with men returning from work. During the peak hours, you find working women returning from work too in the crowded Mumbai local trains.

Dating Scene in Mumbai – The average Mumbai girl is not shy to ask a man out. Earlier, it was shocking when a woman asked a man out, but now times have changed and the woman no longer feels its a guys responsibility to ask her out. One night stands are slowly becoming common in Mumbai. Boys and girls in colleges prefer to have flings, with no strings attached. You find a lot of couple on bandstand and carter road, but please be careful as Public Display of affection (PDA) is not allowed in Mumbai and you could be fined by a cop.

Dance Bars in Mumbai – The dance bars are now banned in Mumbai, as of 15th August 2006. There were a lot of college girls willing to work in dance bars for extra income. People went to dance bars to de-stress, have some alcohol, watch the women dance and come back. Live orchestra has replaced the dance bars in Mumbai.

Sex / Call girls in Mumbai – Every city has its own share of red light areas. Beware as this is not Legal in Mumbai. There are many red light areas in Mumbai, namely Kamatipura (Grant road), Kennedy bridge etc. There are many massage parlors in Mumbai that act as brothels. It is not very safe to visit these prostitutes, so please do so at your own risk.