Kanheri-cavesKanheri Caves is located at Sanjay Gandhi National park in Borivali East. (Borivali is a very popular suburb on the western line). Kanheri caves are a group of rock cut momuments located deep within the green forest of Sanjay Gandhi national park. The Kanheri caves are famous for the old Buddhist monks and are signs of the Buddhist influence in India. The caves are situated at a height about 500 meters above sea level.Kanheri comes from the Sanskrit word Krishnagiri generally meaning black in colour. They were chiseled out of a massive basaltic rock outcropping

There are about 109 entrances to the caves and the tourist can enter post 7:30AM.

Kanheri_stepsHow to reach Kanheri Caves?

Kanheri caves is located deep inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is in Borivali East. Once you get there, you need to pay a certain entry fee at the gate (Once at entry of Sanjay Gandhi national park and another at the entrance of Kanheri caves). The caves are about 5 kms away from the main entrance. Transport by bus to the caves is available every hour.

What is famous near the caves?

Since the caves are in the middle of the National park, it is a great spot for picnic goers. During the monsoon season, the hilly terrain of the caves has some huge and small waterfalls that you can enjoy.