setting-sun-reflection-on-Versova-beach Versova beach is just an extension of Juhu beach on the northern side. Versova beach is less frequented by tourists as compared to Juhu, and the beach is mainly used  by the Koli fishermen staying nearby. There are less stalls as compared to any other beach because of the low tourist attraction.

How to reach Versova beach?

You can reach the beach by taking an auto or by taking a bus from Andheri station (Western Line). Parking is available in the bylanes as this beach is not very crowded.

What to be careful of?

If you plan to spend a couple of hours at this beach, it is advisable that you carry drinking water, as there are less shops that you can buy packaged drinking water from.

Good Places near Versova beach?

4 Bungalows, 7 Bungalows and Lokhandwala are residential areas close to Versova beach. Iskon temple in Juhu is also a tourist attraction which you shouldn’t miss.