Lohar_Chawl in Mumbai Lohar Chawl, a market for electrical goods is located at Marine Lines, Mumbai next to Crawford Market. If you are doing up your house, you can go to Lohar Chawl to buy everything you need (electrical purpose) for your house. If you want nice lamp shades, or tube lights, or CFL bulbs, you can get them at wholesale prices at Lohar Chawl.

Do not think this place is frequented only by middle class – Even the top designers / architects frequent this place for good deals and for designer products. Since its an entire market, you can get a huge variety of lamp shades. You need to have a look at a couple of shops before you buy the product since the price can vary from shop to shop.

If you plan to drive down to Lohar Chawl, you might have to park your car at Marine Drive, since parking is always an issue at Lohar Chawl. Always remember to bargain at Lohar Chawl – if the salesman says the particular product is for Rs 500, you need to bargain and atleast get it down by 30 – 35% if not more.

How to reach Lohar Chawl?

You can get down at Marine Lines station, and walk towards Dava Bazaar, or you can take a Bus that goes towards Lohar Chawl. Alternatively, you can also take a share taxi from the station.

What are the timings of the market?

Lohar Chawl is open from 11AM to 8PM and the best time to visit the market is afternoon when the market is less crowded. In this case, the salesman will be able to devote more time to you.